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Jordan Dub Zero brand new color reproduction information 2016-09-13 10:37:49 Jordan Dub Zero as Jordan Brand's shoes fit alpha level figures, is once again released a new color. The overall shoe white and black as the keynote, details added fluorescent green embellishment, so that its tone lifted a lot. And the use of leather shoes made of leather materials, did not choose the original knitting materials, I do not know whether the color matching can attract everyone's attention? It is reported that the shoes will be sold in November, interested friends also pay attention to the next. adidas Tubular Doom Soc to play Tetris? 2017-08-20 18:02:08 adidas Tubular series has been well received by the fans favorite shoes this season, launched a new type of shoes Adidas Tubular Doom Soc Shanxi Primeknit recently has exposed a white color, the shoes with white Primeknit material to create a vamp, a shoe laces and provided with a black hole, the upper added irregular pattern of embellishment, at present, the shoes are on sale, interested friends may wish to act as soon as possible. Adidas to join an international superstar, on August 7, 2008 Kerry Centre Hotel Kerry three in the Shangri-La Beijing Exhibition Center, the grand launch of the "golden color the world" large dinner. Star-studded night, the Olympic spirit shine. occupies more than 2,000 square meters of Kerry Convention Center jordans on sale online , with 11-meter large space, the evening turned into a golden ocean complete with a full luxury, amazing. Decorated with gold yarn unadorned, terracotta statues and dressed in powder, and in ancient Greek costume debut, the real interpretation of the statue of the group, a more prominent Chinese elements and the Olympic theme. Adidas Group Chairman and CEO Herbert Hainer ? Global CEO Eric ? Manchester Adidas brand Minge attended and delivered a speech. Former Olympic gymnastics champion Nadia Comaneci, swimming champion Ian Thorpe ?, Luo, diving champion Gao Min, an internationally renowned martial arts star Jet Li have appeared dinner. That night also interspersed with wonderful drumming gong, boiling scene to the world announced the arrival of the Beijing Olympic Games, will also be a dinner to a climax! As Beijing Olympic contracted hotels, Shangri-La's Kerry Centre Hotel Beijing is a great honor Reception Olympic sponsor Adidas VIP and contractors so extraordinary significance of the feast.we listened too much about the contrast between 24 and 23, but it wasn't Kobe and James, and not Kobe and Scott, but Blair Jordan and Jordan Michael. 1997-98 season Scott Blair to the bull, he wore No. 24 Jersey (in fact, before the season the warriors, his number is 23, but to the bull, 23 only belong to Jordan). What he did is best known for one thing happened in March 1998, that day, he declared air jordan 11 space jam for sale to the Jordan to with "trapeze" on the pitch of a. They challenged the rule is this: each side has 6 ball opportunities, advanced 7 ball wins. When they referee harper. at the beginning of the game and Jordan clearly some despise your enemy, even Rodman, Blair a ball first, "trapeze" or to the sidelines, joking, said this is "tiger" in the year of the piston and Ranbir playing the game. But now is different, Blair scrappy, unexpectedly once with a 3-1 lead, including in "trapeze" head buckle into a ball. so Jordan seriously up, he spit out the tongue, but he did not fully occupy the upper hand, after all, Blair, nine years old, he is not inferior to his physical fitness. two people would hold their ball attack opportunity, fights 6, Blair holds the ball seems to triumph in front of him, he saw a left-hand dribble, is planning to accelerate breakthroughs, but found that Jordan snake from the right of the stick to come over, his hands sealed his shooting line. Blair Jordan did not think the position so quickly, so the rhythm of chaos, was blowing. He is quite satisfied with, on the sidelines of the old winter looked at. Winter spread her hands, shrugged, did 50 years of basketball in this winter is not wrong decisions. Jordan used to get the ball back, behind the dribble off Blair, ended the game with a dunk way. for several weeks, stubborn Blair again to challenge Jordan, Jordan was uncerem cheap air jordans oniously, 7 than 3 again beat No. 24, then a word also don't say toward the outside to walk, angry Blair behind him shouting to another. At this time, Jordan said that the sentence makes the world a lot of people know Blair this person's words - "you have beaten me, and many years later, you can say to your child," I beat Jordan! But what about me, what do I say to my children? 'I beat Blair!' They will ask, "which Blair?"" more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: NetEase sportsIgnoring the gravity New Balance running shoes new Ionix 2013-12-08 22:15:54 have a strong R & D willpower New Balance New Balance once again heavy attack in the summer, has launched Ionix extreme lightness and rock solid running shoes. The new design of running shoes with Ionix field currently running shoes startling light weight --183g (in Men US9.5 code, for example), the equivalent weight of seven balloons and only. Thanks to New Balance New Balance running shoes developed in the history of the lightest in the end cushioning technology RevLite, Ionix jogging shoes will bring the majority of the weight of the wings like a jogger most intuitive sensory experience. Ionix running shoes Inspired by the con Retro jordans for sale cept of the molecular structure of the stable molecule into which perfect, whether it is to help face design or distribution structure outsole allow you fully appreciate the powerful features of the molecular structure. From both sides of the heel of the shoe has been extended to molecules like hot melt material given enough vamp Ionix supportive. In the outsole design, designers draw inspiration from the hexagonal structure, the use of three different materials and on the soles of the scientific layout, in order to achieve Ionix exceptional functionality. New outsole is produced by New Balance New Balance super carbon rubber outsole material wear Ndurance made with strong abrasion resistance, as well as by the force of the forefoot and the heel of the distribution arrangement to ensure that the entire pair of shoes unrivaled traction ; At the same time, New Balance New Balance exclusive innovative R & D in the end cushioning technology RevLite not only outstanding performance on the suspension, while the ultimate lightweight performance named New Balance New title in the history of London's most Techlite; In addition, similar in the honeycomb structure outsole also gives the entire pair of shoes almost bare foot flexibility, allowing you to freely carefree heart. Offer Price is expected to RMB799. & nbsp; From July 1 to play 31 August landed New Balance New Balance official website to par jordan 3 katrina 2018 ticipate in "Ionix flash attack" interactive game, let your mouse and "molecular shoes" showdown. Micro-blog interactive game is expected to win after the brisk wind of Ionix running shoes, and so what, instantly added to our game come. & nbsp;, following Air Force 1 and Tennis Classic, Nike will again embroider the popular Chinese word "Nike" into Nike Classic Cortez Leather. In "Forrest Gump" color as a blueprint, this time once again made of white leather, with red and blue Swoosh lateral design inside Logo, and finally in the heel shoes with red lead "Nikes" Chinese embroidery eye-catching words. Nike Classic Cortez Leather "Nai Ke" color matching design will be limited to China in November 9th. Vans skate team this year's Tour - "Wish You Were Here" has been successfully completed the fifth leg of the journey, the perfect return. The fifth station, the Vans skate team came to Guangzhou, also brought a super funny video, video in the beginning, the photographer said Guangzhou much delicacy is the most fascinating. Also, Guangzhou is a city full of traditional culture, modern city is at the forefront of China economy, the riders to find terrain based on how, in this city, and skateboard to conquer them! It is to watch video! WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blogAir Jordan 6 Retro G buy cheap jordans online S will be sold at the weekend, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced to sell finishing dealers link in Facebook, may be part of a department store sale, also please telephone inquiries, the actual selling mechanisms and place please store transaction announcement, to be part of the store in today's first sign, do not miss. Wuchang 23 a red sports leisure sports goods Heng Harlem Yu Wan Yue source: gc911 InstagramKobe Bryant yesterday to "Dear Basketball" type of poems published in the next season will tell his jersey in the past twenty years off, thanks to his favorite basketball fans around, also began to review past Kobe on the pitch all drip, more hope that he can stay for some time. In addition to results, Kobe and the two largest sports brand cooperation with many well-known works, at the beginning of 1996 to enter the NBA and Adidas signed with EQT series of courting and continue to use the name The Kobe launched the one or two generation of shoes, even missed the advent of three generation Kobe to, but the series is still a quite the aftertaste. Audi-TT-2000Audi-TT-2000 1200-THE-KOBE-COVER-31200-THE-KOBE-COVER-3 The birth of The Kobe comes from three parties, Adidas and Kobe, and Audi, the German automotive brand. Shoes car this one, in 90s, most of the shoes in the shape of rounded, geometric modeling based, a lot of inspiration comes from the same lines full of cars cheap foamposites , sports cars. The design of the Kobe The also draws considerable inspiration from the Audu TT 2000, with sleek uppers, full midsole, heel styling and sole lights, which are still quite stunning to date. adidas in the last year of the 1 engraved Crazy Mami is The Kobe, re debut version only retained the complete form, some details of the modification is quite a pity. However, introduced by Nice Kicks the The Kobe sample also had the original market with some differences, like the shoe body anterior closed, Torsion System chrome color and hidden in the bottom of the lamp outside the word "KB8", let a person can't help but imagine if this is the final version of the this will be good? 1200-THE-KOBE-COVER-61200-THE-KOBE-COVER-6 1200-THE-KOBE-COVER-121200-THE-KOBE-COVER-12 1200-THE-KOBE-COVER-21200-THE-KOBE-COVER-2 1200-THE-KOBE-COVER-101200-THE-KOBE-COVER-10 The Kobe sample this time to enjoy the people back to the golden age, but also to see the past and today for the difference between the aesthetic of shoes, and Nice K〉 is coming to an end with this year's season, the next season? Paul George new boots first exposure, by Leo Chang to create a new designer?? HyperRev in the upper surface is made of light shoe body and equipped with Dynamic Flywire technology, in order to compensate for the former only with Velcro instead lead to the lack of tongue coating sorry, this will be cov jordans on sale mens ered in shoe design center, and the heel of the collocation of circular TPU to provide protection, two color of the exposure are? Paul George exclusive, the tongue also has an exclusive Logo to show uniqueness. source: aaronknows?NBA New York Knicks legend Patrick Ewing brand Ewing Athletics has launched a basketball shoes, once with the owner Patrick Ewing Benz arena, after the lapse of many years back from the 90s Vintage shoe market, also make it into a sense of contour street fashion culture and influence in the new field of sports outside. Recently brought a "Remix" color Ewing Athletics Ewing 33 Hi, the past has launched a classic color mix color appearance, but rather fancy coordination design, but also the use of suede material enhance the texture, sole is the use of transparent ice bottom design makes the overall look more retro atmosphere. This color is currently sold at the Ewing Athletics official website and the designated store point, and the land price is US $125. source: Ewing Athletics seems to have a lot of benefits when Jordan Brand's signing star. JB is Melo's special player version (PE), and maybe Wade doesn't want to renew his contract with JB because he sees Melo's good-looking PE, Pic Via owns DJ Khaled, a collection of shoe collections, and has recently shared with Jordan, Air, PE, Craig Sager, a senior TNT correspondent for Jordan Brand, on Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale the personal social networking site. I believe that those who are watching the NBA are certainly not unfamiliar with the name, often in the stadium with a bright suit to access the star's Sager, so that people in appearance, he has a very deep first impression. In 2014 Craig Sager was diagnosed with leukemia had to temporarily put down the work, but after the operation he once again returned to the familiar jobs now, although still continued to chemotherapy, but for the love of basketball always let him in after the end of treatment and immediately rushed to the stadium for the interview, so warm and let the author be moved. this pair of appearance color collocation of various materials of a riot of colours spliced Air Jordan 1 creation was inspired by his unique style of dress, hidden in the left foot transparent under the big details are 'SAGER' and 'VISION', the whole detail is not rich enough in the words, to show his unique insights on clothing the outfit, according to DJ Khaled said that currently the world's only two pairs, of course also temporarily adopt foreign commercial projects. source: @djkhaledAir Jordan 14 Retro will be sold in a particular store tomorrow, we all prospecting shoe currently has announced the sale to organize dealers to stay in the Facebook, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. Wuchang 23 Reagan smile Spo jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rts - Reagen sports source: Nike.comStephen Curry photographed with being in practice at the Under Armour Low recently? Curry 1? Under Armour, continues the previous? Anatomix Spawn tradition, so that either love or strong protective activity of higher golfers can make the choice, and the Warriors team and not the overall color tube the exposure of the too big difference, the non official sources? Under Armour Curry 1 Low may be listed in July, just in time for summer basketball atmosphere. news source: weartesters? HC November 4th currencies risk aversion in the International Warming driven by the euro against the dollar recently even low: the RMB exchange rate against the euro price boosted by the rapid rise from this week, and broke through 9 mark integer. This is not only confusing exports to the exchange rate, but also to the people holding the euro at a loss. shoes export enterprises at , a Wenzhou shoe company official, told reporters that since 2006, in order to avoid the RMB against the U.S. dollar appreciation brought about by the exchange rate risk, they will export products from the original settlement of the dollar to the euro settlement. Who knows, "people are not as good as the weather", the second half of this year, the euro fell sharply, the devaluation of the RMB faster than the U.S. dollar, so that they have been dependent on exports to Europe, they are not small losses. Zhejiang feisite clothes limited company chairman Cai Tianhuan is also full of worries: since July 15th the euro against the dollar, just a few months time, more than 20% of the depreciation of the euro, the huge pressure of export-oriented enterprises, European Importers are confused. "This time the euro depreciated so much, European importers generally hold two attitudes: first, continue to wait and see, because as long as a single order means loss, importers began not to order to Chinese enterprises.". The two is to continue to drag the payment, even if the contract signed and already arrived, European merchants have expressed a delay for some time, and so the euro revaluation, and then pay." Cai Tianhuan said, although the state has increased the textile and garment export tax rebate ratio, but the exchange rate fluctuations, export enterprises are still quite helpless. what sort of currency is the currency to settle under the fog of exchange rate fluctuations? Chinese bank Wenzhou branch vice president of Taiwan pine Hu Yiyan believes in what currencies are difficult to avoid enterprises and individuals suffer exchange rate losses, it is important to adopt some means to hedge the exchange rate risk, try to control in the affordable range. At present, the bank introduced "foreign exchange period treasure" and "Euro forward settlement and sale" are good hedging methods. the people with euro on hand may wish to settle is not only worried about the export business, but many people with the euro are confused. Public Liu more than 10 thousand euros have no settlement, the vagaries of the exchange rate to allow him to hand the fate of the euro is concerned, I do not know what to do. Agricultural Bank of China Wenzhou branch of foreign exchange management center Ye Lehua believes that the hands of idle Euro investors, through the purchase of financial products to reduce exchange rate losses. The best choice of capital preservation design, relatively simple investment targets, investment period of about a few months of short-term products. However, from past experience, some banks launched foreign currency financial products will take the hook type design, or with derivative products, in the subprime mortgage crisis in the background, such investments are hidden greater risk. From the trend of the last 3 months, the yen is the most powerful currency, while the renminbi and the dollar are second only to the yen. Mr. Liu holds the euro and other goodsVans Authentic released a series of the Tribal new Leaders color, with a stone texture taste black canvas shoes, to India as the theme of tribal inspiration, with Indonesian style batik printed on tribal patterns, mottled colors with primitive cave graffiti taste, with wearing colorful feather headdress chief the image of the most eye-catching; other details include wax round laces, metal lace holes and white waffle outsole. Love exotic ethnic tribal style friends may wish to pay attention to. 13751411548588_512_284.jpg (50.6 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Authentic Tribal Leaders 2014-9-26 15:09 upload 18221411548593_512_273.jpg (46.49 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Authentic Tribal Leaders 2014-9-26 15:09 upload 92491411548596_512_263.jpg (47.67 KB, download number: 0) download Vans Authentic Tribal Leaders 2014-9-26 15:09 Vans Authentic Tribal Leaders upload, 00first look at the 07 session of the Green slam dunk king Gerrard.super frame big windmill super frame with both hands and air connection was traded to the Rockets Josh. Smith, once the Yingwang bounce dunk quite amazing of Warcraft Griffin bouncing nature is not bad, the city is not Langdexuming hands air connection Little Emperors James physical quality and the spring not to mention the super frame is staged dunk is normal flat box Tomahawk hands air connection back button Chambers super frame spacer Shannon Brown Lakers flat box oh oh oh! , buckle mutumbo CambyHollins super frame spacer more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.